Saturday, December 5, 2020

Day 268

Wow, Saturday could not have come soon enough. A lot of energy went into e-learning and foster care this week. Would you drive 40 minutes one-way for a dine-in lunch? Nana and Papa did just that, a quick trip to Fiesta Mexicana in Woodland Park, CO (just a couple miles inside Teller County). And it was delightful. Jamie did another Parlor Car Chat this morning about the Fillmore and Western Railway that he and Matteo visited in 2014. Here's the video recording of the Chat. Jonny and Papa watched 48 Christmas Wishes before dinner.

Trevor always went for the biggest possible.
And it fit in their house!

Dining in at Fiesta Mexicana in Woodland Park, CO.

Two foster care families meet.

Video on YouTube

We're not at all sure where this was, or when...

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