Friday, December 18, 2020

Day 281

The Fosters headed out of Beaver Creek fairly early as weather threatened and Jamie needed to be back for "Horse Time" at 4pm (it was a 5-hour drive out to Beaver Creek a couple days earlier). It was a white-knuckler again, snowy, slushy all the way, very busy chain-up areas, but fortunately no 2-hour delay at Idaho Springs. The only stop was for coffee at Bread+Salt, a favorite little place in Frisco (exit for Breckenridge). Oh, we also stopped at the quilter's house in Monument to pick up a quilted Christmas quilt... It was party time at Flying Horse Foundation after bringing in the minis (3 horses, 2 donkeys) for their dinner. And they played Elf on the wall during card-making and cookie-decorating! Matt and Jamie attended Matteo's band concert at ECA right after horses. Interestingly, the concert was held in the same sanctuary where all of Jamie's It's a Wonderful Life rehearsals and filming took place.

Hot chocolate bombs by Fina. They're stuffed with hot
chocolate makings, just drop in hot water.

A little decoration at Flying Horse Foundation.

Matteo's Christmas Concert at ECA

Sand Tart creation continues...

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