Saturday, December 26, 2020

Day 289

A handful of Compound Dwellers headed for Boulder, CO today to say Merry Christmas to Uncle Craig. We met up at Rosetta Hall for lunch, which turned out to be a great suggestion from Craig. They've got a unique approach to providing lots of cuisines, and for at-table ordering and delivery and payment. We ate on their outdoor rooftop patio - very pleasant up there! For dinner, Matt thinly sliced the leftover prime rib and re-heated it in a broth bath - au jus. French Dip in a Grandma's Roll!

Everyone ordered by phone including selection of
various options. No waiter, really, only delivery person.

Six different kitchens, one for each cuisine offered.

Pearl Street promenade. Fun shops and eateries.

"What Do You Meme?"

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