Thursday, September 13, 2018

Breckenridge in September

Nana, Papa, and the Underwoods are exploring Colorado along I-70. First stop: Breckenridge. All these trip's Breckenridge photos are here. Tomorrow morning we head for Glenwood Springs.

Breckenridge Glenwood Springs | Vail

Continental Divide Winery. Interesting concept: they're about evenly split
between Colorado and California grapes - from Paso Robles! We got some.
They ship in the juice and take it from there.

Fabulous meal at South Ridge Seafood Grille.

Breakfast at BoLD.

We spotted a few Bristlecone Pines around Breck.
This one was up on Peak 7.

Lynn skiing on Peak 7.

Fall is in the air. The vibrant greens, yellows, and oranges of the
aspens stand out from the dark green pines, firs, etc.

2,000 gallon still at Breckenridge Distillery.

Ceviche at the Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant (great gourmet food).

Amazing Grace for breakfast.

Highlight of Breck this trip: Snow Caps Sled Dogs (sadly, closed in 2019).
Their main gig is winter snow rides, but in the summer the rides are shorter
(too warm for the dogs to go far or long), so you spend much more time
in the kennel with the dogs, and right up close and personal including any pups.
Our musher, Sarah, putting the dog team on the rigging.
She's got this one "in 2-wheel drive" (only rear legs on the
ground) to make it a little easier.

They're on the gee side.

Haunted sites tour by the Breckenridge Heritage
. They offer several other tours.

Having watched a video about it, we visited the
Valley Brook Cemetery. Very eclectic. Headstones
and markers from the 1800s to last year. The
marker pictured here was about a hundred years
old and contained a wooden structure with a glass
front containing flowers from the girl's funeral.
Fabulous meal at Hearthstone Restaurant. Wow!
Best restaurant in Summit County many years running.

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