Wednesday, September 19, 2018

USAF Academy

Bob and Jamie visited the U.S. Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs today. The chapel is the most well-known feature of the campus which draws over one million visitors per year (making it the number one tourist attraction in Colorado). Better get up there soon if you want to see it sooner than later. On January 1st the chapel will close for a multi-year renovation, stripping it to its underlying steel frame and then putting it all back so it doesn't leak. The look won't change, and much of the stained glass will be re-used. The visitor center and chapel are open every day (see website for times). And the public is also welcome to attend services. I plan on attending a traditional protestant service (currently Sundays at 9:30am) before the end of the year, mainly to hear the 83-rank pipe organ. All of today's photos are here.

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