Friday, September 14, 2018

Jonny comes marching home...

After about ten days at Stanford for Jonny's Chiari decompression surgery, he and Tracy landed safely at Denver International earlier today. Here are a few more pics from recovery to home (collected mainly from Tracy's texts to the fam).

Jonny had some VIP visitors, including Nathan, Janice, and Jeanette.

There were some pretty cool displays there.

Recovery required an IV in the leg.

Yeah, he's eating!

Can you believe it, trains!

Tracy baiting Nana. She found Nana's favorite lotion
at a store right by Stanford.

And French pastries!

Matt kept the home front going, often with pancakes.

Colorado here we come. Their flight home got postponed
a few days due to Jonny's difficult recovery. Have you
noticed that trademark Jonny smile coming back!

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