Saturday, September 29, 2018

USAFA Falcon Football

The entire clan attended a US Air Force Academy Falcon football game today. Quite a blast. We still have a little figuring out to do to get handicap parking where we don't have to do two flights of stairs to get to our seats, but Tracy says she's already got it scoped for next time. Unfortunately, Falcons lost 28-25, but they made it a game right up to the end. And there will be a next time! You'll note below (and in all the pics) that much of the action was not the game on the field (and I don't mean the littles changing seats every two seconds) - all kinds of other events and activities were going on during and in between. All the photos are here.

During the national anthem.

Parachuters scored a field goal!

The crew was mostly to keep the flag off the ground.

A pair of A-10 "Warthogs" flew over.

The were spinning them like helicopter blades!

A little falconry during halftime.

Touchdown Falcons!

This guy was monitoring the TV broadcast for "media timeouts."

They sang their alma mater at the end of the game - everyone did.

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