Friday, September 7, 2018

"Floor Status" for Jonny

That's a good thing! It means his recovery has progressed far enough to leave the PICU and be in a regular room for a few more days. Only problem is there are no regular rooms available so they have to stay in the PICU anyway. Which is AOK, great care and all, but absolutely no privacy. Walls and doors are nearly all glass - the nurses have to be able to see everyone all the time.

Dr. Grant said the surgery went very well. He encountered a couple "interesting" things but got right through or past them. Recovery, on the other hand, was rough. Took them well into the 2nd day to get the right cocktail of nausea and pain meds. Finally, though, Jonny quit throwing up and having pain, and started sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. Thankfully, that seems behind him now and recovery has become easier.

"You know you have Chiari when brain surgery sounds like a good idea."

Here are various pics from the events, not necessarily in any order.

There's his zipper.
"Excuse the hairdo, my awesome neurosurgeon did it."

Can you spot Doogy Houser? It is a teaching hospital.

Care package from new friends in the Springs.

Nana's chiari dino, complete with zipper and brain.

Matt and Tracy's anniversary cake from Madonna Inn!

Gotta get this meal down and keep it down to get "floor status."

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