Monday, September 17, 2018


Vail is our last stop on this Colorado Rockies excursion. Before I forget, if you choose to vacation to a ski (or winter sports) location during a none-skiing time, be careful. We found that these areas had strong winter and summer activities, but during the "shoulder seasons" (or what some called the Rollover Period), lots of activities and eateries shut down. For Fall, that's September and October with each area having their own particular dates for the off time. Be sure to check. All the photos are here.

Breckenridge | Glenwood Springs | Vail

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Apparently the official Fall colors of Colorado are green,
yellow, and orange (deciduous) and blues/greens (evergreen).

Is that what I think it is? Middle of Vail Village.

We caught the last day of OktoberFest.

Lots of vendors and farmers' market,
but surprisingly not very many beer sellers.

The girls took a river rafting trip, Timberline Tours.

Class II.
That's our suite on the top floor.

Westside Cafe. Fabulous bloody mary with all manner of veggies and a
sidecar of amber ale. And their Avocado Toast with fried egg was scrumptious.

The Red Lion for lunch.

The Ski Trooper

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