Friday, March 6, 2020

AJ is Coding (as in software)

AJ wanted to "color" last night. That's code for "Papa, will you play with me." Last night's play was coding a game. A real game. That you can play right now (if it works). So, you bet, I'm in!

He logged onto a school-related website called Scratch ( There, using follow-along instructions in a book he had, he was able to build an asteroids-like game and see it come to life in bits and pieces until done. And the code was legit. Creating variables, setting values, changing values, looping (repeat-until), etc. Best form of teaching code that I've seen.

You move the Griffin up and down with your mouse trying to avoid the asteroid
and the dragon. The asteroid and dragon are moving from right to left,
starting out at different speeds and changing speeds at different rates.
If you manage to avoid them, they start over at the right.

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