Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day 9

The big project of the day was making medical masks to donate (instructions, these masks are really easy to make.  If you don't have access to elastic, use 15" fabric strips, or grosgrain ribbon then the masks tie behind the head, rather than slip over the ears. Thank you to Chris Scott for posting this info). But there was also a game of Harry Potter Clue (which I like even more than regular Clue), exercise, car painting, and the care and feeding of tomato plants from School in the Woods (we went out there today in small numbers at a time to pick up stuff AJ might need, like winter coats). The car in front of us at Starbucks this morning bought our order, so we bought the order of the car behind us later this afternoon. Oh, and today, Tracy and Matt installed a bidet in one of the bathrooms. We had a "premier bidet matinee!" (per Matt). We no longer care about TP hoarding.

Mask materials

Ironing the mask fabric

First mask is done!

More GoNoodle

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