Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 6

AJ saw Fina doing some cool coloring last night and decided to give that a shot this morning. Tracy picked up packets of big coloring projects at Target yesterday for $1 each! (It was a necessary trip out for prescriptions.) KKTV-11 did a Facebook Live weather lesson on clouds. As a group, we passed the quiz at the end!

P.S. Breaking news this evening... All Colorado schools are now closed through April 17th.

Exercising with GoNoodle.

Nala wasn't very impressed.

Parking lot not as empty as I expected with no dining in.
Drive-Thru and curbside at full bore, however.

A treat for lunch

Nana's finishing up on the downstairs remodel of our
"guest suite." Office and sewing areas swapped places.

That's not a Christmas tree; it's an alpine decoration.
The mineral and theater collection got a new home.

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