Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th

I'll say. It's been warm and nice for about a week now. This morning? Snow. And as of today, school's are closed through March. Eight of the next eleven school days were going to be off anyway (conferences, Spring Break, etc.) so it's not quite as bad as it sounds. My show (Neil Simon's "God's Favorite") opens tonight. It's still on, but that may not hold. Fina got her Cheap Date Night improv show in last night as the final school activity before the "break." Everything big is closing. The "Big 5" churches downtown have already announced being closed this Sunday. And our theater being in one of those "Big 5" doesn't bode well for Sunday's matinee. Theaters all around are closing, big and small. Heck, Disney is closed worldwide. Thank you, coronavirus. We're in good shape here. Tracy's been prepping the past week or so. We can bunker in for at least a couple weeks.

Our many rays of sunshine include Nana getting some bulbs going on in the kitchen. Lexi is a big fan of these and keeps constant vigil.

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