Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 19

Lexi was very excited to start the day with our Royal Crest dairy delivery. Only it was the orange juice she was excited about. Love having a milkman again, particularly one who also has juices, bagels, butter, creams of various kinds, eggs, coffee, bread, and more! Computer time for home schooling was popular this morning. Math and Yoga online are pictured below. Tracy has all the bags for her TimberCreek Kids ready to go. The twins' reading today was about drums, their significance around the world - so we got out some drums. We picked up at Kneaders for lunch and Matt cooked steaks for dinner. Fosters filed their tax returns about 2 weeks ahead of the regular date and 3.5 months ahead of the COVID-19 deadline. It's normally an April 15th event. Champagne! An interesting note about trash since we've been staying at home: it's increased, dramatically. Now that everything's coming to the house in boxes and we're not leaving some amount of trash at restaurants, etc. we don't fit in our two cans (regular and recycle) very well.

This coming Sunday is...

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