Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 13

We did our first drive-by-a-teachers-house to pick up a packet. I'm expecting a music drop-off to accompany a video of last year's Stations of the Cross that I'm making for this Easter season. Nana had quite a bit of help assembling the last Adirondack chair for the front garden area (note that weeping spruce in the background!). There were more Easter Rocks painted and even a few hidden in the backyard. And card games. And baseball throwing practice. And Fina decided to tackle making her own bag. Oh, and AJ received his first MEL Chemistry kit in the mail and Tracy got a supplies package for what she's got cookin' for TimberCreek Kids this Easter. If you hadn't caught on yet, the photos in these "DAY X" posts aren't necessarily in chronological order.

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