Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Day 215

Something of a weird day, or at least unusual (which is saying a lot for 2020). First, all the boys stayed home another day with minor cold symptoms. Out of nowhere, Tracy starts getting a "check coolant" warning in her car. So, Lynn and Jamie took it to the dealership (where it was taken care of on the spot) and afterward hit their favorite French place for an early lunch, La Baguette French Bistro. One of the champagnes they had used the word "creamy" in its description; had to try. And it was! Perrier-Jouet (Grand Brut). Jamie spent most of the afternoon prepping for an audition later that evening and doing some running around including taking Lexi to her tennis lesson. What a hoot that was! David got a doctor's appointment in and Fina was doing school most of day followed by an Improv rehearsal/meeting (in person). 

La Baguette French Bistro

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