Saturday, October 31, 2020

Day 233 Halloween

Jamie's Parlor Car Chat today was about Circus Trains with very special guest Kelly Ballagh, former RBB&B Circus Clown who lived on the Circus Train for seven years! The recording is here, the greatest chat on earth. The rest of the day was pretty much dedicated to Halloween. The weather was perfect and so was the Toy Story 4 family Tracy put together. Nana and Papa picked up a "flaming pumpkin" decoration for the front lawn. It just screamed "come get candy!" They had lunch at Ted's Montana Grill while they were over at the Halloween store - love the bison meatloaf. The Toy Story 4 family went trick-or-treating over with Hudson's family and friends in their area. Given the heft of their candy bags, it was a very successful evening.

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