Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 232

The painters wrapped up the job today. No more paper on the floor! And all the stashing of stuff elsewhere in the house is over. The whiter paint made everything so much brighter. Lynn wants to do their side now, too. There was much prep work going on for Halloween: testing a blow-up dinosaur outfit, painting all the army men clothes green, getting a red shirt for Sporky, and the like. The family is going as Toy Story 4. Got to test everything out at the Flying Horse Club this evening with their Trunk or Treat event. Quite a blast, actually, see the pics below. Jamie didn't make it to Trunk or Treat as he was out volunteering at the Flying Horse Foundation learning a new group game, Alligator (also see below).

Alligator. Each player gets one object of their choosing.
The group has to go from one side to the other without
"falling into the water" (touching the ground). There are
alligators about that can grab their objects if no one
is touching them. Took about 10 tries, but they got it!

Feeding time at the Foundation

Toy Story 4: Dino (Matteo), two Army Men,
Woody, Sporky, and Bo Peep.

Buzz Lightyear and Mrs. Potato Head

Woody and Sporky

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