Thursday, October 22, 2020

Day 224

Fairly normal day other than no school for elementary (end of quarter). So let's start their day with some reading. Matteo had a half-day, so he got to join Matt, Nana, and Papa at Atmosphere Gastropub for dessert (snickerdoodle cookie griddle with ice cream!). Jamie had his 2nd It's a Wonderful Life rehearsal, blocking the entire show. We're on a fast track with just 15 rehearsals including tech week. Lastly today, an evening of packing for Jamie and Lynn...

No school today, so let's start with some reading...

In-n-Out is getting there!

For whom in Toy Story 4?

What else do you do with old therapeutic shoes?!

Nana took this pic for David's school project: About Me.

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