Friday, October 16, 2020

Day 218

The timing of the sunrise this morning along with Matteo's van-stop for school worked out to make for some very pretty mountains. Big CostCo trip so, among other things, Matt gets to chop up the chunks into steaks. We got a Pear Valley Wine shipment today from California which included some of their more unusual wines (aglianico, charbono, barbera). This shipment included one we don't think we've ever encountered before, at least knowingly. The grape is Nero d'Avola (Black of Avola, a town in Sicily). It's in the lower right-hand corner of the wine grape chart, super heavyweight and very high acidity. Quite fruity, but heavy fruit, like plum, and a little spicy/peppery. A little sweetness, too. Very Italian, the most important red wine grape in Sicily, they say. Matt really liked it; actually we all did, but he was most enthusiastic. See bottle photo below. Then there was a little infected toe to care for. David got his new night-time leg casts. The day closed out with a baby bath, some puzzling, and AJ doing a chemistry kit experiment with a friend.

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