Sunday, October 18, 2020

Day 220

Everyone made it to church today despite the particularly nippy weather (it was in the thirties during church time). How many of you recognize Fina's pumpkin as Snow White's poison apple? Yeah, none of us did either - much to Fina's chagrin. The baby got to help pick out snack from the pantry. And read with Nana. All the kids and a couple adults watched Ready Player One this afternoon. Matt and Matteo grilled up some hot dogs and steak for dinner, and Tracy ordered.... Sasquatch Cookies! At bedtime, Nana watched Jane The Virgin while the other adults watched Better Call Saul. Well, actually, Tracy slept through the episode.

Have I mentioned that I now have an IMDB entry! Still following in Fina's footsteps (hers)...

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