Saturday, December 12, 2020

Day 275

Jamie's play, It's a Wonderful Life: the Live Radio Play, filmed today - it's in the can. "Airs" starting December 17th, tickets here. We got a box from Megan and Jamey today - what a hit. Beanie babies and all kinds of fun stuff. Everyone got a huge kick out of it. And everyone gravitated to just the right beanie baby; a little miraculous. Check out the Santa decorating our little Christmas tree. Plays Christmas music, too, and the arrangements are really quite good. The best thing today... The kids got to meet Santa today and we got a first-time-in-a-while photo of all the kids together.

Box from Megan and Jamey - quite the hit!

One of AJ's favorite games, Wingspan!

Look who's decorating our little tree!

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