Friday, November 6, 2020

Day 239

Pretty much a normal Friday. Had lunch at Beasts and Brews, just down the street, but we hadn't been there for some time. Uniquely good food and fun how they work the taps (beer, wine, and booze). Friday is Jamie's volunteer day at Flying Horse Foundation. They gave him a volunteer sweatshirt today (see below)! And since it's now quite dark by the time his group ends, he caught a nice shot of the Foundation offices (see further below). Today's activities at the Ranch were a little different. A main hand was out today, so the three groups that were meeting during the 4-6pm time slot all took on various chores. It was actually very interesting (and they didn't have them work hard at all). But they did get some stuff done, mainly feeding, which included soaking some pellets (too make a mush, one horse has trouble swallowing) and, separately, soaking some hay (to remove some sugars from the hay) for some of the horses on special diets. They also got to move two Percherons (big draft horses) from their "offices" (yes, in that same building) back out to the pasture. And in the process they caught some "thundering hooves" sounds as the four horses that were now back together bounded off quite energetically. Pretty cool. Some of the staff members were quite excited about having driven those horses pulling a wagon earlier in the afternoon. They're developing/expanding the wagon-pulling program, mostly for the Flying Horse Ranch Events Center.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Beasts and Brews

Flying Horse Foundation offices. For horses, too.

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