Friday, November 13, 2020

Day 246

When the weather is on the brisk side, the fire pit is just the thing. Jamie loves listening to Dennis Prager's Torah lectures by the fire. Our foster baby got picked up this morning by his forever family and soon, I think, we'll be getting those twins. In the meantime, Tracy and Matt went off for a couple's weekend in Denver. Nana and Papa went to Walter's Pizza while Fina met some friends for lunch at Subway. Lynn likes the teal wall. Fina joined us after our respective lunches for some Josh and John's Ice Cream. Nana not only prepped taco salad dinner but also poop-scooped the dog's astro-turf run! And lastly, Fina's making her own dress which is coming along nicely (see below). The final all-play activity of the day was watching the new Mandalorian episode with popcorn. Today's after-bedtime movie: The Christmas Star.

Listening to Prager's Torah lectures...

Lynn likes the teal wall...
Wall map at Walter's Pizza. We're red, Walter's is blue.

Taco salad and clean dog run!

Fina's making a dress...

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