Thursday, November 19, 2020

Day 252

Bittersweet day today. Our foster baby (since before COVID) left today to be with his forever family. Two new foster babies will be with us soon (that are within six days of the same age as our first). Matteo and Fina continue studies at home while the others at DCC get today and tomorrow in-person then e-learning through Christmas (at least). Lynn had a 4-hour hair appointment today; she became part of a filmed hair dressing lesson. The Screening Room folks got things pretty wrapped up today in the theater room except for some calibration work that'll happen tomorrow. The Lego Christmas catalog arrived today; OMG!

My friend joined me for Torah study this morning.

For the new foster babies.

Study partners.

Hard to believe it'll be all done tomorrow.

That long box on the floor is the screen.
The other three are bass speakers.

Lunch at the Club for Matt, Jamie, Fina, and Matteo.

All packed up.

Lego Christmas catalog!

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