Monday, November 23, 2020

Day 256b

Before leaving the Hotel Jacquard, Jamie and Lynn paid a visit to the rooftop pool and bar area. The pool was available for use, but like all the other food and drink services, the bar was shut down. They stopped at the Castle Rock Outlets on the way home and accomplished quite a bit of Christmas shopping. Then bee-lined to Paravicini's, a favorite Italian restaurant in Manitou Springs where we had a great dine-in lunch. Sadly, we also got word today that our county is also "going red" and all dine-in would cease this Friday. Such BS. The damage we are doing to ourselves is mind-numbingly stupid. But back to happy stuff, Jamie had a wonderful Old Fashioned (we often use Triple Sec instead of sugar and water) made from a local whiskey, Axe and the Oak; we'll have to visit them some day. The theater room still has some kinks to work out. And finally, Lynn got to arrange her birthday bouquet from Nipomo: one in the bathroom and one on the kitchen table (see below). All the Denver photos are here.

Hotel Jacquard's rooftop pool and bar

Paravicini's in Manitou Springs

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