Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Day 244

Veterans' Day. And yes, we got our little flags out first thing in the morning. Rob posted the picture of Papa Bill in his flight gear; he always said he "flew a desk" in the Philippines. Papa Robob was a paratrooper, also in the Asian theater. Sandy sent Jamie the quilt for his office after he marveled at the big circle made up of tiny squares. Prep is underway for the first foster baby to leave for his forever home this coming weekend and the arrival of two new foster babies, twins. One has some medical issues so Tracy got the therapy ball (pictured below) to bounce on with him. Pictured last is a puzzle puzzle, meaning once you get it put together, you have to solve yet another "puzzle" using the clues in the picture (or something like that). Today's movie was Deck the Halls.

Papa Robob

Papa Bill

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