Friday, November 20, 2020

Day 253

Lexi made Nana a birthday artwork! The kids went to town on a Brio catalog (Christmas is in the air). We got a remote-controlled Brio locomotive (and that catalog came with it). We're gonna try the Brio approach to trains in Jamie's office for the kids. Jamie and Lynn headed to Denver for a little getaway. First stop, Castle Rock, where we re-visited The Barn for a little shopping and also re-visited our favorite Italian restaurant in town, Scileppi's at the Old Stone Church. Jamie managed to catch a shot of a coal train going through town with the actual Castle Rock in the background. We visited the Denver Botanic Gardens (York Street) this afternoon. Be careful, they have more than one location. Pretty cool, even in winter. I loved it because it was a conifer show! At 5pm today, all the restaurants in Denver's county had to close all indoor dining (COVID nonsense). There is zero food service in our (very nice) hotel, not even room service. But no problem, we found a liquor store (see below). Dinner? Take-out from Kobe An. All the day's photos are here.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Colorado's first In-n-Out opened today not ten minutes from our house. They're now in seven western states. The line was four hours long, 150 cars stretched out along Voyager Parkway!

In-n-Out Burger in the distance...
Intersection of Voyager and Interquest.

The Barn

Scileppi's at the Old Stone Church

Very likely the structure to which we took Trevor and Tracy
as small kids years ago when visiting Robob in Denver.
Cheesman Park, right next to the Denver Botanical
Gardens (where we were today).

Denver Botanical Gardens

View from our room.

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