Saturday, November 14, 2020

Day 247

Waffles for breakfast (with some protein content!). And coffee for sure. The boys have gotten started with setting up trains for Christmas play. We're having an issue with locomotives - none of the battery powered ones are working. Were we surprised at one point this morning to look up and see it snowing. Really coming down! Fortunately it was short lived and the snow was gone by mid afternoon. Jamie did a Parlor Car Chat on the Alvin All-Star Railroad, a 3rd grade classroom project fully integrated into Lynn's teaching plans (back in 2002 and 2003). Watch the Chat here. The assembly guy for Matteo's new bike cancelled last minute so we took on the project. Success! (We think.) And the boys got a new set of Covid Cuts (haircuts).

Well this was unexpected.

Ever the artist!

Sunday School project, two halves apart.

Assembled tree.

Lynn and Jamie listened to a Prager Fireside Chat
while cooking the spaghetti for dinner.

Parlor Car Chat: Alvin All-Star Railroad.
Click here for the recording.

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