Sunday, June 21, 2020

Day 101

As usual, we "attended" church along with all the other TimberCreek folks. The dads wanted Baconators from Wendy's, so that's what we did for breakfast. It's Fathers Day, after all. Fina made some very fun Fathers Day gifts. Papa got a new gun from California, Bug-a-Salt; too fun! Jamie started in on his new Creation lesson for the Arroyo Grande, CA Methodist folks; scheduled for early July. It'll be an excerpt of sorts taken from his "Is God Expanding, too?" course from way back when. Daddy Matt prepped some great tri-tip and sauted some mushrooms. Throw in some rice pilaf and pico de gallo and, voila, dinner. Tonight's shows: several episodes of NUMB3RS and Family (for the Fosters). There might have been fudge for dessert.

I wonder what it will take to call this lockdown over and get back to much less frequent posts and titles that do NOT start with "Day."

"At church."

Bug-a-Salt. Got him! Thanks California Fosters!

Only the best for these Dads!
Words cannot express how much we like this mug.
One for Jamie. One for Matt.

More Lexi twirling and baby belly laughing.

That's what she was making the other night (Day 98) - Slime.

The layout of the quilt is just starting to take shape.
Nana's been cutting out "millions" of fabric triangles the last week.

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