Friday, June 5, 2020

Day 85

Couldn't get in at the pool today, but the kids managed to keep themselves occupied all day, mostly screen time I imagine. That's good, because Tracy and crew made their final push today to complete the TimberCreek buckets production for delivery tomorrow (just before the first Sunday of June). Jamie got a Google Maps Timeline by email today (don't remember getting these before). Guess it comes when you turn on Locations on your Android device. Actually, it was very interesting. It showed a map of where all I'd been in May, including Manhattan, Kansas (Day 80) and places we stopped along the highway for potty and snacks. Showed mileage and driving time (1,021 miles, 25 hours). Included pictures of major places we stopped (see below). It says since I've turned it on I've been to 5 countries, 155 cities, 1,176 places, and traveled 4,877 miles (20% of the way around the world, it told me). Wow! That must include last Fall's Mediterranean trip. Tonight's movie: Inside Man.

The prototype.

AJ's School in the Woods carpool had a little "closure party" today.

Today's snack tray.

Google Maps Timeline report.

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