Friday, June 26, 2020

Day 106

The dogs barked.
Lexi baked, and painted.
The baby recovered.
The kids played.
Colorado Ballet taught.
Fina danced.
Tracy nursed.
Matt talked.
Nana nannied.
Jamie drove.
Prager wrote.
Chang cooked.
NUMB3RS revealed.
The skies hailed.
Two buildings grew.
Travelers returned.

Papa's been hanging on to this for some time.

Lexi made biscuits (with Nana).

Flying Horse senior center just down the road.

From Jonny's teachers when we returned the Summer Reading materials.

In-n-Out has two levels now.

Off to the park.

About an hour after the park trip.
Tornado Alert and all.

No yellow caution tape saying Keep Off.

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