Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Day 89

Big day; lots of fun anyway. And it snowed this morning! First thing, though, Vickie and Rob had to go report that their car's license plate was lost or stolen. This was first noticed when they arrived yesterday. Then on to more important stuff like Nespresso coffee and making cheesecake. AJ worked his recently arrived Mel Chemistry kit. More puzzle action (Vickie brought a couple fresh ones for us). And plasticware glasses production. Matt did grilled chicken legs for dinner. The day finished off with producing a dance video. No movie.

Vickie wanted to see how our cheesecakes were made.
And AJ wanted to help. They were great!

Today's science kit was about light and photo processing.

Grilled chicken legs.

Fina got into making plasticware glasses.

And modeling her plasticware glasses.

Then she led a dance video production event.

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