Saturday, June 27, 2020

Day 107

Saturday 10am PDT can mean but one thing these days... Jamie has a Parlor Car Chat (an online gathering program Jamie concocted for the SLO Railroad Museum during COVID). Today's topic is the Pacific Harbor Line and the ports in L.A. Recordings of completed Chats are available at the linked page above. MOD Pizza for lunch. Matt ordered he and Jamie a fabulous, meaty, spicy, cauliflower-crust pizza that was yummy. Then it was AJ's first baseball game of the season. Their team is The Tsunamis. Turns out only Papa, Matt, and Lexi went for our 5-8pm pool time. Fina and Papa stayed up for a couple extra episodes of NUMB3RS.

From the Parlor Car Chat. That's the old Sea Launch in the Port of Long Beach.
Launch platform on the left, command ship on the right.

Tinker Crates

No, I did work on the puzzle today. See, this is my 5th piece!

There was a weekend 20%-Off coupon for Sasquatch Cookies.

Great evening for reading on the deck.

AJ does love baseball. More photos here.

Lexi's workshop.

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