Monday, June 8, 2020

Day 88

Day 88 on the 8th. Siscos arrived from Kansas City at precisely their ETA that held all day, 6:40pm. Nice job. Earlier... The gang had a very hardy cereal breakfast. Pool time was 9am to noon; and the Grill was back open for the first time. Jonny had a morning video meeting with his next year 3rd grade teacher, a reading lesson. Fina continued on her art project. Papa took the four boys to Game Stop. My, was there much deliberation. And it was very quiet in the house the rest of the day as they jumped into the new games. They had earned some money earlier from doing chores which they pooled to get the good stuff. Dinner prep included some grocery shopping, Matt prepping and cooking the pork tenderloin, rice pilaf, Jamie's ceasar dressing on romaine with Matt's homemade croutons, and a wine selection. Tonight's movie for the Fosters was Change in the Air. Oh, and Matt created a new drink, a Caribbean Island (a la Long Island): vodka, gin, coconut rum, triple sec, and a lime wedge on ice. Mmmmmm.

Enjoying the evening on the upper deck. The patio was way too windy.

Key to the Kingdom from Game Stop

We're easily entertained these days.

Siscos were driving up at precisely their ETA which held all day.

Pear Valley's 2014 Inspiration

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