Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Day 103

Wow, only two photos today. It was pretty quiet, not by design but just how it turned out. The pool was the best example... First time back in over a week because of the surgery quarantine. We were quite excited. Never got in the water due to lightning. We hung around, had lunch, twiddled our thumbs, all quite patiently and quietly, then bailed when it was clear the pool was not going to re-open during our 1-4pm time slot. I'm sure the kids were thinking they'd rather be playing video games than sitting doing nothing at the pool. There were a few goings on, like Fina's ballet and Jonny's online reading, but mostly it was pretty quiet. Hot dogs for dinner. And we watched a couple more episodes of NUMB3RS.

The baby loved having Lexi's artwork at the hospital.

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