Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Day 90

The Give! Campaign sent over a box of Sasquatch Cookies, a thank you for Jamie's volunteer database work. Everyone loved these cookies. Delivered warm! Fina is getting into all kinds of projects these days. Today was scrunchies (which she's making for herself and friends) and Mickey Mouse ears. Matteo has gotten deep into prepping a Dungeons and Dragons game for the boys including filling out all kinds of forms for each. AJ took Vickie and Rob out to School in the Woods. That was a big hit for all three of them; thanks, Vick, for those pics. While they were out at SITW, Jamie was out at the Flying Horse Foundation doing his 2nd day of volunteering. And after dark Jamie did his first real take for Voices. Matt did ribs for dinner, along with Tracy's mashed potatoes and Lynn's buttered/grilled corn. Round two on the cheesecakes for dessert. Again, no movie tonight.

Sasquatch Cookies, delivered warm!

Buttering the corn...

Matteo's been working hard setting up this game.

Take 01 for Voices Beyond the Veil.

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