Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Day 104

Today's big news is that the surgery went well in Denver. It was a pretty busy day for the kids here, too, and therefor their adults. Ballet, Summer Reading, first day of AJ baseball (he was so excited), pool, puppy grooming, oh, and we're supposed to feed them all once in a while. AJ was the last to leave the ball field, shocking. He waits till everyone has left, no one else to talk to, and then starts packing up. And for a catcher, that's a lot of packing. AJ and Nana got pizza on the way home and the rest ate at the pool. No movies tonight, but Lynn and Jamie did catch an episode of Hart of Dixie before sleep.

In-n-Out is out of the ground!
Seen on the run to ballet for Fina.

The puppies got a professional grooming.

Not much progress when Tracy is out of town. It's been like this since she left.

At the pond on Flying Horse Ranch. It's volunteer day for Jamie.
A Blue-eyed Darner, I think, but there are a surprisingly
large number (~20) of other similar-looking dragonflies.

We had the 5-8pm shift. 

Fina was quite excited about this purchase.

Matt and Jamie had quite the conversation on the deck after pool time.
It's been a while since they've done that.

That's a marshmallow. Only healthy snacks around here.

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