Thursday, June 25, 2020

Day 105

Exactly 6 months to Christmas. The baby did not get released today, so they'll be up in Denver until tomorrow (at least). Tinker Crates arrived today, so that kept the twins busy this afternoon, along with the older two boys to some degree. The HVAC guys were here for four hours and we're now all set for summer. And it was smooth as silk. They've been here enough now that they knew where everything was, what the system areas were, brought enough of the right air filters, etc. Pool time was 9-noon but some of the kids were slow to rise so that got delayed. Nana did pool duty while Jamie took Matteo home (got sick on the way over) and made the second round trip to get Jonny to his final Summer Reading session (online). Tomorrow we turn in the materials. Jamie watched some of This Means War. Kind of a blustery afternoon, too bad we didn't get much rain out of it. Matt spent a couple hours on the phone this evening with his aunt. Jamie spent three hours on a zoom table reading of a play called "How to Build an Ark." First Company Theater recently chose an excerpt from this larger play as a winner in their 1-Acts Contest. It was an interesting approach in this day and age to pull people together this way, do a reading, and provide feedback to the playwright who is still "tuning" the play. Matt made a run to their accountant folks this afternoon, but alas, Tracy's signature was needed. The trip wasn't in vain, however, as Matt was pleased with some business advice and services offered.

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