Thursday, April 15, 2021

Day 399

A Pear Valley Wine shipment arrived today! And by evening, snow was coming back. For dessert after Walter's Pizza (I love the meat-monster on cauliflower crust) was The Cupcake Doctor. Did I mention Matt went up to Cherry Creek for a couple days to work not-from-home ("out in the out" as Fina puts it). Tracy's gonna swap spots with him Friday night.

We had two huge little moments at The Compound today:

1. Tracy put the finishing touches on an audition packet for Fina and for AJ. They audition this weekend for The Sound of Music (Elevate Productions). Community theater is back!

2. I had one of those wonderful moments when the stars align while learning new stuff. I've been diving deep into the Torah (1st five books of the Bible) and have also started learning Biblical Hebrew (Great Courses) to go with that effort. Today, the language lesson was about 1-letter prepositions and 1-letter articles that are put on the front of nouns to make a phrase. And low and behold, I spotted one in an Exodus commentary I'm reading (for my Ten Commandments study group). I usually don't look at the Hebrew much (don't know enough yet), but today I just happened to spot "to the earth" (see pic below)! Several of the translations, including this one, say it's "under the earth." I think that's a context thing. Anyway, this is a good example of how Hebrew is more concise than English. It can take about 50% more English words to say what is said in Hebrew (Hebrew Bible has about 420,000 Hebrew words while the English translation has about 600,000 words). That's because of stuff like this: one Hebrew word equals three English words. In לָאָרֶץ, the first letter לָ (Hebrew reads right-to-left) is the preposition "to/under", the next letter would be ה but it's contracted out (not there, like the second 'o' in don't) and means "the", and the rest, אָרֶץ, is "earth". I will sleep well tonight!

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