Thursday, April 22, 2021

Day 406

The twins were promised lunch at Buttermilk Restaurant if they did well on their school work in the morning. They did; we went! Jonnie was grinning the whole time and boy, did they pack the food away. Dessert, too! I guess they do like this place. David and I got some tic-tac-toe in as well. Our waitress remembered us having breakfast there a few weeks ago on the way to the Royal Gorge Railroad. Fina (and Mom and Nana) continued with Prom Prep; two days to go! Nana spent parts of the last couple of days organizing our bathroom cabinets and drawers. We can find stuff now. Nana and Papa went to Cheap Date Improv Night at the school; always a hoot!

School for the quarantined twins.

See the ice around the hose? The rocks are ice-encased, too.

Another ice sculpture by the fountain.

Prom prep. It'll be at the house Saturday night.

At Buttermilk!

Waffle, ice cream, strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream.

Lasted 4 minutes.

Cabinet organizing.

Cheap Date Night Improv. Fina is seated far right.

Jonnie preps his place setting at Buttermilk.

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