Friday, April 23, 2021

Day 407

Last day of online school for the twins (who have been quarantined out of school all week)! Lexi joined Papa and AJ for the walk to school this morning. She was quite taken by all the dandelions along the way, mostly those on "Dandelion Hill" as she calls it (along North Gate just down from Silverton). Jamie's horse volunteering today at Flying Horse Foundation included mounted work with the kids for the first time. Tonight's movie: The Zookeeper's Wife (another excellent real-lifer).

The day's opening activity.

From "Dandelion Hill"

Matt had grilled sausages to go with these shishito peppers.

Last day of online school (quarantined).

Looks like fire in the sky, too. Cramming in a little more
Torah at fireside before Shabbat starts (at sunset). Of course,
Torah study is perfectly acceptable on Shabbat,
but not fire building (so no cigar, either).

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