Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Day 411

The morning walk to school turned into quite an adventure into the world of snakes. Well, snake dwellings, maybe. The rocks just above AJ's foot mark the entrance to a den of snakes, apparently. Or so we're told. There was no snake this morning. But we did have a good time going to school a whole different way. AJ and Papa walked all the way down to the corner beyond the school which is roughly where the snake den is. Nana dropped off the three littles right there, then we all walked back up and on top of the hill to get to the Elementary building. It was Horse PT day for David at Stable Strides. He's always so quiet about it but seems to love it. Despite the threatening weather, AJ had a baseball game today and did very well as a player. He got a couple hits and scored at home sliding in (see pic below). And before bed, he wanted to get in another game of expanded Wingspan. We barely got into the 2nd (of 4) rounds to a game, but it looked liked Papa was catching on to the nectar food and tucking cards. We'll see when we continue... Many thanks to Jamey and Megan for this Christmas present! It's Jamey's company, Stonemaier Games, that makes Wingspan.

Northeast corner of North Gate and Old North Gate

Behind a monument sign near the snakes.

Great pic, Matt!

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