Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Day 405

Late start day for school (except Matteo). And it was a very cold walk to school with AJ. A little work got done on the puzzle. And Nana finished up altering Fina's dress for prom and made progress on a runner (pictured) for the same event (this Saturday!). Lexi and Jonnie had swim lessons as usual for a Wednesday these days. 

AJ made my day. He came out and joined me at the fire, as he often does. But rather than a couple-minute conversation, this one went quite a while. He told me how he and a friend at school had quite the conversation about Passover. AJ recounted for me what he told the friend, and it was spot on! He remembered (mostly) the bitter herbs including what each meant. He remembered the blood smeared over the door and what that meant. He remembered Moses at the "bush that was burning but wasn't burning down." He went on to tell of playing 20 Questions at church with Bible character names on their backs. As fate would have it, his tag was Moses. His first question was about the burning bush. Yes. His next question was did he take slaves out of Egypt. Yes. The teacher wanted to know how he knew so much. Grandpa. He asked me if we could do more stuff like the Passover Seder. Yes!

Temps were below freezing.

Ready for a spankin'?

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