Sunday, April 18, 2021

Day 402

It was a day like any other... Until it wasn't. The morning was quite normal with everyone involved at church. In the afternoon, Fina and AJ had callbacks for The Sound of Music. But on the way to callbacks, things shifted. Fina was practicing driving and hit a curb at Research and Voyager. Which totally disabled the car. This started a 6-hour ordeal getting the kids to their callbacks, staying with the car (which was not moveable) till a tow truck arrived, etc. AJ thought the whole experience was fantastic except when he saw fluid on the ground and couldn't open the car door; temporary panic. The door being locked probably saved him from flying out into traffic. This also meant Tracy wasn't home for a gastro feeding, so Lynn had to do that, and together she and I got dinner for the rest of the gang at home. Lots of texting for status, etc. All's well that ends well, things were calm again by 8pm or so. AJ (and crew) got a "trip to the star place!" (Carl's Jr.) and Starbucks on their way home. AJ and Papa had planned to do his newly-arrived science kit today; that didn't happen. And not much got done on the new puzzle either. 

plus Dino Nuggets

Yup, it's turned out a little too much.

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