Saturday, April 17, 2021

Day 401

Matt's pumpkin pancakes for breakfast were a big hit; it's been a little while. Community theater is back! Jamie went down to First Company Theater this morning to work on cleaning out and arranging a storage area off the theater. Fina and AJ auditioned today for a production of The Sound of Music by Elevate Productions (headshots for today's auditions below)! Of course, Fina's been managing to keep up stage activities through much of this pandemic stuff, but AJ could only keep asking "when can I be in a play again?" We kept telling him we were watching for opportunities for him, and finally one came along! We'll find out soon (they both got a callback for tomorrow). The run will be June 25-27 (sadly, while Nana and Papa are in CA).

The finished product; a vast improvement.
Couldn't even walk in there when we started.

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