Monday, April 26, 2021

Day 410

Lexi joined Papa and AJ for the walk to school this morning. More dandelions! The twins have one more day of homeschooling (due to a quarantine). Nana got 'em through what they needed, which today included "what's a rhombus?" Nana and Papa took the twins to lunch at El Padrino Mexicano. It's been a very long time since the twins have been there, if at all. And again, we thought they ordered more food than they could ever eat, but they did!  We spent much of the meal listening to Jonnie explain all the places he wants to eat for his next birthday (months away). Jamie discovered a new favorite combo: Mexican Firecrackers (fried jalapeno slices), chili con queso with spicy sausage, and chips. Put that together! The gang finished off the Dump Cake as an after-school snack and/or dessert (different strokes for different kids). AJ wanted to try the expansion set to Wingspan (which has been sitting silent since Christmas), so he and Jamie busted it out, read the added rules, set it up, and played a full game. Some very nice adds to the base game! AJ won. He's ruthless with the tuck cards and he quickly mastered the value of the new nectar food.

More dandelions on the walk to school.

Last day of home schooling for the twins.

El Padrino's

Jamie's new fave.

During Torah Time

Lexi played around the Wingspan players.

Wingspan, with the new Oceania Expansion Pack

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