Sunday, April 25, 2021

Day 409

Sunday morning was all about TimberCreek Church, as usual. The afternoon and evening included more pieces to AJ's very extended birthday weekend. Today, it was Olive Garden and making dump cake. While about half of us had a good time at Olive Garden, the other half didn't. They've got such a screwy reservation system/policy that we would have had to wait over 30 more minutes after showing up for our appointed time and Tracy couldn't see doing that with the five littles so she and Fina (and the five) aborted Olive Garden. The good news, though, it was "the best meal of my life" for AJ: unlimited breadsticks with alfredo sauce, calamari, and cheese pizza with alfredo sauce. Maybe we should call him Alfredo. To be clear, kudos to the waiter, boo-hiss to the front desk (cost the company 7 meals). Then on to dump cake. AJ wanted to "do it all" with only supervision from an adult. And that's the way it went down! That is good stuff, and with a la mode to boot!

I don't think I've ever seen candles in the ice cream before...
It was pretty cool.

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