Saturday, April 24, 2021

Day 408

It was a HUGE day. First up was a birthday breakfast for AJ. You know, where you can eat all your favorite sugary cereals, have donuts, etc. It's a hoot! And open a few presents. AJ was hoping for a laptop, he got a LeapTop; a pretty funny Mom-prank (a real laptop is coming). Next up was AJ's baseball picture day and a game. Then a trip to the shooting range with Dad for AJ. Matteo chose to go to a friend's birthday party at Sky Zone (indoor trampolines). Both had a grand time as you might imagine. By mid-afternoon, the Compound's focus was totally on tonight's Prom 2021. Decorating and setup continued unabated till the first ring of the doorbell. You'll have to ask Fina for a link to the photo gallery (which won't be ready for a day or so).

A LeapTop! He gave it to Lexi.

AJ's team is "The Yard Goats"

Prom prep

It will soon be time to change these out; we hope.

Prom prep

Prom is winding down

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