Thursday, July 1, 2021

Day 476

Nana and Papa had a nice leisurely morning at Allegretto having breakfast and exploring the grounds. Then it was off to Sculpterra, a favorite winery for enjoying a bottle of their viognier while enjoying the sculptures around the grounds. Then back into town to meet up with Bob and Sandy at a favorite French place, Bistro Laurent (now renamed BL Brasserie). The first wine tasting for all four of us was at Epoch Estate Wines. Definitely worth the visit! We closed the day wine tasting out our own hotel (Allegretto) followed by a great dinner at their restaurant. The day's photos start here.

Labyrinth at Allegretto

Chapel at Allegretto


A little bobble for Lynn

Then off to town to meet up with Underwoods...

Bistro Laurent for lunch, now BL Brasserie

Epoch Winery

Tasting at Allegretto

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